Monastic ruins at Glendalough

Monastic ruins at Glendalough

Graves in an old chapel

A sprig of holly in the ruins of a priest's house

Close up holly

A monastic tower

A river runs through it

Isobel and Noddy stomp around

A carpet of leaves provides vivid autumn colours

In the woods

Isobel interacts with a small puppy

A wooded valley

Isobel strides about like an actual hiker

A placid lake

Isobel stands on the edge of the lake

Mushrooms in the undergrowth

A thicket of stripling trees


The lake and the woods are all red and browns

Autumn reflections in the water of Glendalough

More reflected trees

It's hot-dog time

A curiously-specific fine

There's some late gorse in flower

Isobel waves from a boardwalk

Monsatic towers

A view of the river, and monks' towers

In Dublin Bay at Blackrock, walkers cross the muds

Noddy, Oscar and Isobel on the seafront at Blackrock

Someone roams the mud flats

Horses gather out on Dublin Bay mud flats

Oscar the dog

High clouds backlit by the setting sun

The plane's propellor in the sunset