"Vampires Rock", Peterborough - 26th October 2007

Janet, out of Qualcomm Cambridge, has a sister who plays in a band who are currently on tour with "Vampires Rock" - a rock musical stage show. We meet up with Janet and James at the Broadway Theatre in Peterborough to catch some of the action, where Mary (the Sis) has cooly arranged it so that Nosher can take his camera in and grab a few photos from the back of the theatre (hangin' out with the crew, so to speak). The show itself is rather good, and features a whole heap of crowd-pleasing rock numbers from the likes of Guns'n'Roses, Queen and Twisted Sister, the latter being especially handy as the guitarist from that band is currently doing lead-guitar guest duties in the show.

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Baron Von Rockula makes an appearance with a couple of S&M dudettes

Howling at the stage lights

'Stringfellow', Club Live and Let Die's barman

Eddie Ojeda, the guitarist from Twisted Sister, bathed in red light

Eddia Ojeda close-up

The flames of hell

Stringfellow and the lead protagonist, Pandora

'Hell' Mary (Janet's sister)

'Hell' Mary does a solo

The theatre bar has a metal ceiling which gives rise to some cool reflections

Cocktail bar

The second-half starts with a bit of a blood-fest

Left- and right-handed guitars

Baron Von Rockula in a zebra-print cloak

Pandora has undergone something of a transition

Mary switches guitars

Eddie Ojeda waves his feet in the air like he just don't care

The S&M duo come out for a curtain call

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Baron Von Rockula makes an appearance with a couple of S&M dudettes