Nolan: a traditional shop

Nolan: a traditional shop

A derelict petrol pump

Derelict petrol pumps near Kilkee

Some derelict containers

No prancing horses or emptying shredders

The rocky seafront at Lahinch

Isobel in Aillwee caves

Isobel in a rock tunnel

The tour group heads through the caves

Some tiny stalactites

A bigger section of the cave

The tour group bunches up a bit

Exit into the light

A drizzly view of the Burren

There's a cow traffic jam

The cow roadblock near a church

The damp streets of Galway

McDonagh's fish'n'chip bar

More of a wet Galway

Trad musicians in Green's Bar

An accordion and a whistle

More trad action

The crowd in Green's Bar, Galway

Pints of Guinness

Ideal Drapery: an abandoned shop

The river through Galway

Some sort of watchtower on a bridge

The Jury's Inn hotel

Wooden boats at Galway

boats by a stone pontoon

Hundreds of swans float about

Some dude feeds the swans

A line of swans leads to a family

Colourful houses and the swans of Galway

Isobel goes toe-to-toe with a swan

An irridescent crow

Another boat on a trailer

The small road bridge near the hotel

The Spanish Arch

A bit of derelict house

Sad: lost or abandoned stuffed animals on a bench

Galway's main street

Colourful buildings in Galway town centre

A Santa looks out of a window

More Galway High Street

Heraldry flags of family names

Oscar Wilde as a statue

In a music shop, Isobel tries out a bit of bodhrán

A busker does his thing on shiny cobbles

Busking banjo

The damp cobbles of Galway

Outside a blue and yellow bar on Cross Street

The Ard Bia café

On the way out of Galway: steps on the side of a big tank or silo

Funky building on the outskirts of Galway