Isobel in the kitchen

Isobel in the kitchen

Isobel catches up

Someone tries to ride a child's bike

Hand-to-hand cycle combat

A human pyramid, topped with a child's bike, is formed

The bike is removed

The pyramid collapses in to a heap of bodies

Back in the kitchen

James discovers a bottle of fizz

Hands up

Champagne is popped

The bottle of champagne is passed around for communal swigs

Surprise as a birthday cake arrives

Peering in to the party from outside

In the morning: the view out of the bedroom window

Isobel's car - the 'roller skate'

Two crows on a power line

There's a discarded door in a hedge

Isobel and the morning after

Barry fails to notice that the armchair is already occupied

Hat action in the kitchen

Wetsuits on the line

There's a session looking at photos

On Kilkee beach: a dead and decaying sea-bird

Isobel wanders across the beach at Kilkee

Climbing up the steep ramp from the sea

A derelict building

Kilkee harbour

On the rocks

The Atlantic Ocean

Walking the street by seafront houses

The town of Kilkee, from the rocks

Isobel on a cliff-top

An inflatable dinghy takes to the waves

Warning signs have been amusingly modified

The writhing seas look almost like a field of snow

Seawater runs off the rocks

We bump into some of the group whilst wandering along the cliff-top path

An old dude contemplates life and his pipe in a concrete shelter

Isobel starts down the steps to the 'Puffin' hole'

A rainbow is formed as spray blasts up though the 'Puffin' Hole'

Raging seas batter distant cliffs

The Puffin' Hole

A couple look out to sea

People stand on the lip of the Puffin' Hole

Hanging out at the cliff-top café

A bronze statue of Richard Harris as a boy

Leaving the café

The boys giggle guiltily having destroyed the car's windscreen-wiper

An empty band stand

The grim-looking Waterfront

There's a meeting by a car

We try to organise a restaurant for lunch

Barry and Mafé share a hug

We hang around outside Nolan's for a bit

More hangin' around outside a corner shop

Sitting on a windowsill