30th Birthday Party in Kilkee, Co. Clare, Ireland - 22nd September 2007

Nosher and Isobel (well, Isobel actually) drive from Cambridge, via Macclesfield, North Wales, Holyhead, Dun Laoghaire to Kilkee in the county of Clare in the west of Ireland. We make it there for about 10pm (after driving around for a while looking for it, as it's tucked away in the middle of nowhere) where the party is in full swing. So Iz catches up with a bunch of mates, human pyramids are formed, a small bicycle is destroyed and beer is consumed. Then most of the group head out into town, but we crash out early and bagsy a sleeping spot.

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Hand-to-hand cycle combat

A human pyramid, topped with a child's bike, is formed

The pyramid collapses in to a heap of bodies

Cycling around the lounge

Champagne is popped

The bottle of champagne is passed around for communal swigs

Iz has a slurp

Surprise as a birthday cake arrives

In the morning: the view out of the bedroom window

A crow flies off from its power-line perch

Barry fails to notice that the armchair is already occupied

Hat action in the kitchen

Looking at photos

On Kilkee beach: a dead and decaying sea-bird

Isobel wanders across the beach at Kilkee

A derelict building

Steps to the sea-front

The Atlantic Ocean

Waves crash against the cliffs

Isobel on a cliff-top

An inflatable dinghy takes on the waves

Warning signs have been amusingly modified

The writhing seas look almost like a field of snow

The sea at Kilkee

Seawater runs off the rocks

We bump into some of the group whilst wandering along the cliff-top path

Nosher and Isobel in a hole in the ground

An old dude contemplates life and his pipe in a concrete shelter

Iz starts down the steps to the 'Puffin' hole'

A rainbow is formed as spray blasts up though the 'Puffin' Hole'

Raging seas batter distant cliffs

A couple look out to sea

Hanging out at the cliff-top café

A bronze statue of the 17-year-old actor Richard Harris, who lived in a house nearby

The boys giggle guiltily having destroyed the car's windscreen-wiper

We try to organise a restaurant for lunch, whilst hanging around the car park

Barry and Mafé share a hug

More hangin' around outside a corner shop

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Hand-to-hand cycle combat