The Shivers Live in a Tent, Jesus Green, Cambridge - 7th August 2007

(That's lyve, not liv). After having set up a marquee on Jesus Green for the Cambridge Comedy Festival a few days before, the City Council decide to make the most of it and stage a small-ish music festival there too. On the Tuesday, it's a chance for the band that Isobel knows (The excellent "The Shivers", who we'd previously seen play support at the somewhat-improbable Chas and Dave gig at The Junction) to play support for Ezio, a kind of Rod-y-Gab-esque duo with singing. The venue is a little odd, what with it being seating around round tables, but it's a good session.

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The Shivers take to the stage

Richard on guitar

The new bass-player dude gets stuck in

Bathed in a sea of blue light

Pensive drummer

A ukelele makes it out, but sadly its link to the PA is knackered

Is Richard sneakily flipping the bird to a member of the audience?

'A bit of wood' props up a monitor

People mill around outside the tent

The non-speaking guy from Ezio tunes up

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The Shivers take to the stage