In Diss, there's a big flock of ducks on the Mere

In Diss, there's a big flock of ducks on the Mere

An old lady lobs a whole loaf's worth of bread

People with more bread for the ducks

A duck's-eye view of the Mere

Isobel on the Town Moors in Eye

The mayor gets some instruction on loudhailer use


The mayor prepares to open the skate park

Boarders and bikers do their thing

A skateboarder does a quarter pipe

Waiting at the top of a quater pipe

BMX in mid air

Another ramp jump

Eye's dignitaries open the park

A lad gives his BMX a spin

Hanging out

The Diss Express photographer sets up a shot

Group photo

Waiting to make a move

BMX in action

Crowds mill around

A double ramp

A whole group of bikers

A load of colourful streamers

A nicely-lit tree

An ambulance is on standby


Rob 'the desk' Folkard in action

Isobel looks around

Sitting on straw bales

Nosher is reflected in Isobel's sunglasses

Slightly bizzare 'Eye Music Day' logo

Barbeque smoke drifts over the Town Moors

Eye music day on the playing fields

The barbeque does brisk business

A combine-harvester does the wheat field

Isobel blows some wheat around

The art of separating the wheat from the chaff

The combine rounds the top of the field

Martin looks over at the Cotton gig

Labrador-retriever in a fish-eye lens

Jo checks diaries

Max looks worried

Rob and Max

Rob and Max chat to Henry

Something amusing happens

Henry gets in a bit of practice

Rob looks thoughtful

The gig fills up

Our stage is set

A balloon floats over Nosher's gaff

Backlit clouds look like the atom bomb at Los Alamos