Cambridge Comedy and Eye Music Day - 3rd-5th August 2007

An August miscellany: It's the Cambridge Comdey Festival in a tent on Jesus Green. Isobel has a couple of tickets, as do several of the "Qualcomm massive" (and attendant connectees). We meet at the Old Spring in Chesterton, before wandering over to the green for a rousing spot of stand-up; next, the office gets its imported iPhone, to much general excitement; in Diss, we watch bread being thrown to the ducks; Eye has its Music Day, so we head down to watch for a bit. Rob "the desk" Folkard is mixing, and neaby, the Eye skateboard/BMX park is being opened by the mayor. Nosher gets "down wid da kidz" for a while as they show off to the camera; finally, it's gig o'clock in Cotton, Suffolk

next album: The Shivers Live in a Tent, Jesus Green, Cambridge - 7th August 2007
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Andrew H (middle) and the gang

The second comedian burns a five-pound note

Comedy dude #2 roams the tent selling DVDs

Brian (?) Innocent does his thing

Stand-up comedyt under a field of starry lights

Standing still while the world spins by

It's the way out, don't you know

The QC gang are the last to 'leave the building'

A stack of chairs

A few people. An almost-empty bar.

In the office, Stef opens the box of delights containg a pooPhone

Jake shows off some slick Cupertino stuff to the excited staff

In Diss, and old lady throws a whole loaf of bread at the ducks on Diss' Mere

A quackers-eye view of Diss Mere (and spot the piece of airborne bread)

Eye Music Day

The mayor gets some instruction on loudhailer use


Boards and bikes do their thing

A skateboarder does a quarter pipe

BMX in mid air

Eye's dignitaries open the park

Hangin out

The Diss Express photographer sets up a shot

Waiting to make a move

A whole group of bikers

A tree, upside-down


Rob 'the desk' Folkard in action

Nosher is reflected in Isobel's sunglasses

Slightly bizzare 'Eye Music Day' logo

Back at Nosher's, a combine-harvester does its rounds on the wheat field

Isobel watches the combine harvester

Iz gets an introduction to the art of 'separating the wheat from the chaff'

The combine rounds the top of the field

Jo chats to a bunch of people at Cotton

Labrador-retriever in a fish-eye lens

Max looks worried

Rob and Max

Henry gets in a bit of practice

Rob looks thoughtful

A balloon floats over Nosher's gaff

Backlit clouds (they look like those from the footage of the first atom bomb test at Los Alamos)

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Andrew H (middle) and the gang