Genesis in Concert, Helsinki, Finland - 11th June 2007

Nosher's "favourite band in the world ever" went "on hiatus" some time in 1994, after 25 years, nearly 20 albums and 150 million sales. So, it was reasonable to expect that the three times Nosher has seen them previously would be the last. However, much excitement occured when it was heard that they were reforming for a "greatest hits" tour - their first time on the road for 15 years. Originally, Nosher had tickets for Twickenham, but - as Isobel had been a student there for a couple of terms, and Nosher hadn't been for a while - it was decided to do the Helsinki leg, which coincidentally also happened to be the very first gig of the reunion. There was maybe some trepidation that they might not have "it" anymore, but this was blown away from the opening phrase of "Behind the Lines" right through to the explosive finale. Nobody does stadium gigs like Genesis: the lights (despite the late Helsinki twilight 'til 11.30pm), the excellent sound quality (feel those Moog Taurus bass pedals), the spectacle and the epic scale of the music. It was also a real joy to hear so much more older stuff than I would ever have dared to hope for - Firth of Fifth, Carpet Crawlers, I Know What I Like, Ripples, Los Endos and (proving to be something of an emotional moment) the whole "Cage" medley followed by Afterglow, as well as some great tracks from the later stuff like Home By The Sea and Mama. Absolutely, absolutely amazing.

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Helsinki's Olympic Stadium starts to fill up

Gensis open up with 'Behind the Lines'

Lights rise up to the end of steel pylons

Trademark lines of varilights

The whole of the set is a continuous giant display

In a rather sweet moment, photos of the band in the 70s and 80s pan behind the band of today

The crowd gets to see itself

A slightly-scary moment from 'Domino'

Chester Thompson and Phil Collins do one of their legendary drum duets

More from the drum duet

The stage fills with dry ice

Daryl Steurmer and Mike Rutherford

More crowd action

The backdrop to 'We Can't Dance'

Colourful lights and graphics

A whole wall of dancing characters: the band wander off around the stage doing 'the non-dance'

The band do an encore, finishing with The Carpet Crawlers

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Helsinki's Olympic Stadium starts to fill up