Debach Airfield Hangar Dance, Suffolk - 9th June 2007

Every once in a while it's fun to dress up, and there's seldom a better excuse than the great hangar dance down at Debach Airfield. So, thanks to some last-minute tickets courtesy of the organisers, Nosher, Iz, Marc and Sue trundle over to have a bit of a dance and camp for the night (Nosher and Isobel are off to Helsinki the following day, so there's no time to stick around for the airfield open day). Once again, there's a good turnout of costumes: RAF, USAAF, GIs, navy types, the odd Italian soldier, spivs and lots of 40's dresses.

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Nothing whatsoever to do with Debach: the gloom of the Monarch coin-op launderette on Mill Road in Cambridge

Marc takes a break after pitching his tent. Iz starts work on her hair

On the adjacent pitch, someone has a rather cool model aircraft - half Spitfire, half Mustang

A jeep trundles past the newly-restored Nissen hut and a howitzer

Iz checks her lippy

Nosher (with his grandad's original RAF cap) and Isobel

Isobel looks up Nosher's nose

Marc takes a photo

Marc and Sue

In a nearby shed, the bizarre sight of lots of naked male mannequins

A last-minute alteration is performed on a projector in order to coax it back in to life

The beer hangar starts to fill up

Marc looks on, with beer in hand

Isobel and Sue bring some beer back

The sun goes down

Just in case things get out of hand, the Military Police arrive

A table full of gas-mask boxes

Captain Melchett ties up his shoelace

A couple of tiny 'evacuees' dance around

A spiv surveys the scene, looking out for potential scams to perpetrate

A fake 'stocking line' is re-applied in an emergency

In the dancing hangar

A nice dusk sky acts as a pleasant backdrop to the proceedings

Part of the band 'The Jive Aces'

Nosher looks slightly startled

The next morning, a pirates' flag flutters over a desert Land Rover

Iz cheekily peers out from the tent

Breakfast detritus, camping style

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Nothing whatsoever to do with Debach: the gloom of the Monarch coin-op launderette on Mill Road in Cambridge