Sean's grown some mid-life-crisis hair

Sean's grown some mid-life-crisis hair

A blurry Isobel, a visitor, Sean and Michelle

Sean whips out a surprise birthday cake

An Alsatian shies away from the sea at Barton

Nosher's favourite rock groyne

Barton beach

The seas pound the seafront at Barton

Seafront houses cling tenuously to the clifftop

A row of beach huts

A shelter on Barton cliff top

A rain-soaked bench sits empty on the clifftop

A seagull flies over the rain-swept shelter

Barton-on-Sea clifftop shelter

Isobel shows Rowan a few chords on the guitar

A cool derelict house at 36 Vincent Road, New Milton

Derelict house on Vincent Road

The view from the Christchurch Park bandstand

A panorama of Christchurch bandstand views

An alternative tiled composite

Isobel looks out on the River Stour

A pigeon enjoys the inclement weather

A swan in the rain

The rainy cobbled path from the priory to town

Back at Seans, Holly the cat shows off her secret fur

There's a 'traffic rozzer' scarecrow in Finningham

Another Finningham/Cotton scarecrow

Lined-up trees in Finningham