The Cambridge Beer Festival, Jesus Green, Cambridge - 24th May 2007

After having been to the Norwich beer fest for the last million years or so, it's Nosher's first chance to go along to the next-nearest regional gig - the Cambridge Beer Festival. This is a compltely different animal: largely out-doors and set in the verdant pastures of Jesus Green, larger in people (though possibly fewer beers), but lacking in the musical entertainment that characterises its Norfolk cousin. It's still an excellent fest, and takes around 6,000 patrons on this, the Thursday night session (mostly on account, as it turns out, of people like us, on works' trips). This also turns out to be something of a new work/old work reunion too.

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Al peers around for something

A balloon guy roams round the crowd hurling balloons at people

Barrels of beer on their stillage

Taptu and Qualcomm get it together

Drinking beer in the sunset

Nick, Dan B and Hani chat in the setting sun

James and a surprised Nick

Dan and Isobel stride through the main beer tent

At the 'North End' of the beer tent: Oakham Ales' pitch

The smoking sausage stall (which was earlier doing hog roast) does a good smoky trade

Stars come out over Jesus Green

Crowds of beer drinkers

Queueing for food

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Al peers around for something