One of Nosher's VIC-20s

One of Nosher's VIC-20s

Twat parking in Morrisons

Upper Street, Islington

Upper Street in Black and White

Spiral staircase in the Bull

In The Bull, Islington

Wine in a cooler

Great parking outside Hotblack Desiato

London streets through a taxi's windscreen

The view out of Caoimhe's flat

At Victoria, a 'Mind The Gap' sign on the platform

Raindrops on a rose

In the restaurant for Louise's birthday

Andrew grins

Isobel and Louise round a candle

Isobel plays with a candle

Pub chatting

We park the bikes near Scudamore's on Bridge Street

We're at the University's Microsoft buildings

The wheelie bins of Ward Road, Cambridge

The Adam and Eve pub in Norwich

The exit from the Cathedral Close onto Bishopsgate

Abandoned Bussey's building, Palace Street, Norwich

The now-derelict Samson's nightclub in Tombland

Norwich cathedral through the entrance archway

Norwich Cathedral's Erpingham window

Building 'on the huh' next to the derelict Samson's

Caoimhe and Isobel wander around on Palace Street

A condom machine with 'turn knob' on is worth a giggle

The Adam and Eve in the evening

We find an invisible cat in the garden

Isobel plays with the invisible cat

A nicely-open clematis flower

Steve Winwood on guitar, via Isobel's camera

Steve and his guitarist are a blur

A bit of flute action

Steve Winwood on mandolin

Steve Winwood on guitar