May Miscellany: London, Louise's Bday, Norwich and Steve Winwood - May 2007

A Miscellany of May: first up, Isobel's down in "that there London" for an "interaction design" course (whatever that is). Nosher heads down to meet up for Saturday night (5th May), and we head up to Islington to meet with Caoimhe later on. But first, there's a bit of a nosh in Carluccio's, followed by beers at The Bull on Upper Street. Next, it's Louise (off of Qualcomm Cambridge) and her 30th birthday - scenes from an Italian restaurant, indeed - on Bridge Street in Cambridge. Then, Caoimhe "the shoe" (pronounced "Kwee-ver" btw) is up in Norwich and suggests we meet for a beer, and so it's off to the Fine City and a visit to its oldest pub, the Adam and Eve (drinking has been on the site for 1,500 years). Finally, there's a chance for Nosher to finally get to properly see the artist responsible for one of his favourite albums of all time - Arc of a Diver - at The Junction in Cambridge. Isobel is dragged along too but ends up rather enjoying it, in good part because the band are excellent and incredibly tight, and Steve is a total legend on a real Hammond B3 organ. Mmmm, Hammond (drool, etc)

next album: The Cambridge Beer Festival, Jesus Green, Cambridge - 24th May 2007
previous album: Visiting Dave Dood at Sanger, Hinxton, Cambridge - 3rd May 2007

Meanwhile, in Morrisons, a redneck displays some impeccable parking

Upper Street in Islington

In The Bull, islington

Fans of 'Hitchiker's Guide' will recognise this name. Dead for tax reasons my arse. (oh, and spot the parking)

London streets through a taxi's windscreen

View from a taxi of The Embankment

At Victoria tube station, an iconic 'Mind The Gap' sign on the platform

Back at Chez Nosher, raindrops cling to rose leaves around the front door

In the restaurant for Louise's birthday

Andrew H (right) grins

In the pub: candles are played with

Empty punts by the bridge, near to where our bikes are parked

Nosher and Isobel attend a lecture about information visualisation at one of Cambridge University's Microsoft buildings

The wheelie bins of Ward Road, Cambridge, through a rain-swept car windscreen

The Adam and Eve pub in Norwich

Abandoned Bussey's building, Palace Street, Norwich

The now-derelict, and once legendary, Samson's nightclub in Tombland

Norwich cathedral through the entrance archway

This condom machine amused Nosher in the gents' bogs of the Wig and Pen in Norwich. 'Turn knob' (giggle)

The Adam and Eve in the evening

Isobel plays with the next-door neighbour's kitten in her garden

A nicely-open clematis flower

Borrowing Isobel's 3.2MP camera: Steve Winwood live at the Junction

Steve Winwood on guitar

Steve and his rhythm guitarist are a blur

Steve Winwood lays down some amazing Hammond organ

Steve and the band gather for the applause at the end of the gig

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Meanwhile, in Morrisons, a redneck displays some impeccable parking