The moon, before the eclipse starts

The moon, before the eclipse starts

Paul, Bill and Carmen

Bill and Carmen, as Claire peers at the moon

Mikey-P just can't help posing for the camera

Isobel looks over the fruit machine

Ninja M and DH at the bar

Mick The Brick and a worried-looking Sue

The gang in the Swan

Isobel near the fruit machine

Nosher and Mikey P

Nosher, Marc and Mike

Nosher's got a star

Ninja M, Alan, DH and Mick The Brick

Paul reflects on being 30

Mikey-P proposes some sort of toast

Paul gets a hug from Mikey P

Mikey wraps a bar towel around his head

Bill and Mikey wrestle

Mikey P poses with a lager

Bill's got a Parka on