Paul's 30th and a Lunar Eclipse - 3rd March 2007

Paul M has a few beers up The Swan on the occasion of his 30th Birthday. It also happens to be the night of a total lunar eclipse, which, in a marked change from previous lunar eclipses (and the solar eclipse of 1999) can actually be seen.

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The Moon, just before the eclipse starts

With a few minutes to go, the Earth's shadow nears totality

A bit blurry (on account of a 2-sec exposure on a 600mm lens) - the Moon is almost fully eclipsed, and has a nice 'diamond ring' thing going on

Back in the pub, Bill and Carmen

Bill and Carmen (with Claire and Sylvia peering out of the window at the Moon)

Mikey-P just can't help posing for the camera

Isobel looks at Nosher

Mick 'The Brick' and a worried-looking Sue

Cute photo of Isobel near the fruit machine

A fuzzy one of Nosher with a Dalek tee-shirt

'Ninja'-M, Al, DH and Mick 'The Brick'

Paul reflects on being 30

Mikey-P proposes some sort of toast

Mikey-P starts waving his beer around...

...before managing to fall over and tip (a surprisingly small amount) over Clare

Mikey-P hugs Paul

Mikey wraps a bar towel around his head and gives it a gang sign

Mikey-P: Tart

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The Moon, just before the eclipse starts