The moon, before the eclipse starts

The moon, before the eclipse starts

Paul, Bill and Carmen

Bill and Carmen (with Claire and Sylvia peering out of the window at the Moon)

Mikey-P just can't help posing for the camera

Isobel looks at Nosher

Ninja M and DH at the bar

Mick The Brick and a worried-looking Sue

The gang in the Swan

Nice photo of Isobel near the fruit machine

Nosher and Mikey P

Nosher, Marc and Mike

Nosher's got a star

Ninja M, Alan, DH and Mick The Brick

Paul reflects on being 30

Mikey-P proposes some sort of toast

Paul gets a hug from Mikey P

Mikey wraps a bar towel around his head and gives it a gang sign

Bill and Mikey wrestle

Mikey P poses with a lager

Bill's got a Parka on

There's a distillation demo in the Salisbury Arms

In the Salisbury Arms on Tenison Road

Andy Kamal sticks his head in shot

Hani does 'The Thinker'

Isobel in the Salisbury Arms

The Qualcomm table

Liviu checks his new lens

The Romanian section

Andy looks at photos

A smiley green traffic light

A Police Unaware van under the railway bridge on Mill Road

A load of bikes at Cycle King on Mill Road

Isobel interacts with Sophie the cat

Isobel and Rachel in the Kingston Arms

The Kingston Arms bar

Internet terminals in the Kingston Arms

A lonely tree near Walsham le Willows

Trees in the sunset, Walsham le Willows