Hani Leaves "The Lab" - 23rd February 2007

Hani leaves QC Cambridge, and so in the regular and traditional style there's a bit of a booze-up arranged, this time at the Alexandra Arms on Gwydir Street in Cambridge

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previous album: On The Razz at La Raza, Cambridge - 22nd February 2007

Arun (right) looks pensive and reflective

Lively discussion over beer

It's Hani's turn to look all contemplative

Hani's hands are a blur

Francis looks a bit glum

Arun can't escape the camera

Isobel and Nosher

Andrew stares into space

There's another stop-off at the legendary 'Carlos Kebab King' on Mill Road

In Isobel's flat, a lilly is open

Dead roses

Discarded trolleys at Tesco Bury St. Edmunds in a pool of rainwater

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Arun (right) looks pensive and reflective