Rob and Jo Play the Crown, Burston, Norfolk - 18th February 2007

Rob and Jo, who play in The BBs (the band Nosher is in) also do the odd duet session. This time it's at the newly-reopened Burston Crown, just north of Diss. Isobel drives - eager to "get back into the saddle" after being rear-ended at the Sugar Factory roundabout in Bury St. Edmunds - so Nosher gets a few beers in too

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Jo has a laugh

Rob on guitar

Rob does a barré chord

Rob re-tunes his guitar

Jo gets a little 'aide-memoir' out to help with the lyrics

Wilma, Sam-and-Daisy's-Mum and Rob's dad

More giggling

A long-time acquaintance of Nosher's - Derek (left) - sits thoughtfully pondering

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Jo has a laugh