The end of the bird flu restriction zone, near the pub

The end of the bird flu restriction zone, near the pub

Sneezing chickens on the B1077 to Eye

Isobel's pasta shapes

Isobel in the kithen at the Cambridge flat

Claire and Matthew outside The Swan

Claire, Clairsprog, Paul and Pip

Alan comes out of the pub

The impish Apple John

The Boy Phil tries to hide under his sweater

Alan straps up

Alan wheels his bike round

The Boy Phil's bike has been neatly parked

The cyclists head off

Matthew and Sylvia watch the cyclists disappear

The gang head off towards Eye

Paul brings up the rear

The old Broadland Fuels former petrol station

Another view of the former petrol station

Some guy watches the birds near Diss Publishing

Ballast wagons stretch off into the distance

Rob Huckfield and the band on Platform 2 at Diss

The Budgies pretend to read the paper

The band on the bridge over the tracks

The dog is tied up to the railings

The ballast wagons at Diss station

Budgie Coleman and dog

The band in the waiting room

The band outside Jewson's sheds on Fair Green

In the Park Hotel car park

An interesting shed