Biohazard Zones, V-Day Bike Ride and Diss Misc - 13th-17th February 2007

Like some post-apocalyptic horror film, like "28 Days Later" or that one with the virus outbreak (from the 70s), large swathes of Suffolk are ringed with doom-laden warnings of avian flu (the root cause being an outbreak of the potentially-deadly HN51 strain at a Bernard Matthews farm in Holton near Halesworth). The western edge of this zone happens to be near Nosher's pad and local pub on the A140. Later, in Cambridge, Isobel cooks home-made pasta for V day. On Saturday a contingent from the pub cycling club head over to the Framsden Doberman - Nosher is due to do a band photoshoot in the afternoon so skives off. Then there are a few photos from around Diss, including another derelict (or at least redundant) petrol station on the junction of Stuston Road and the A1066: until fairly recently it was the Broadland Fuels garage.

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One side of the doom-laden sign declares the end of the chicken flu restriction zone

On the B1077 to Eye: look out for sneezing chickens

Isobel was busy creating lots of individually-cut pasta shapes for dinner

Claire, Clairsprog, Paul and Pip

The impish Apple John

Isobel mills around in front of the pub. The Boy Phil tries to hide under his sweater

Al wheels his bike round

Clairesprog and Sylvia watch the cyclists disappear off to Eye

The old Broadland Fuels former petrol station

Derelict petrol station: the pumps have gone, but the signs still read 'Four Star' and 'Unleaded'

Pigeons on the roof of the public bogs by Mere's Mouth in Diss

Some guy watches the wildfowl on the Mere whilst sitting near Diss Publishing

At Diss railway station, Network Rail wagons full of track-laying aggregate stretch off into the distance

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One side of the doom-laden sign declares the end of the chicken flu restriction zone