Nosher gets flowers for 'the evil 'V' day' thing

Nosher gets flowers for 'the evil 'V' day' thing

Down in Cambridge for bowling

An assemblage of bowlers

Looking down the lanes

Isobel returns from another end

Nosher picks up a 10XL ball

Isobel grabs the next ball

Action shot as Isobel hurls the ball

Emma sneers at the world having just got a spare

Matt is put off by the photos

Annie makes another spare as the lanes go dark

Matt, Emma and a giggling Hannah

More of the group

Richard out of the band The Shivers

Isobel chucks another one up the lane

Isobel chats

Everything's all blue

In Lucky Star Chinese restaurant, on the Leisure Park

Emma and Matt

Isobel smiles about the imminent prospect of food

Isobel eats

The Teppenyaki counter

The next day, Isobel gets rear-ended at Bury St. Edmunds

Exchanging details by the Sugar Factory roundabout

Kissing cars