Vintage signs on a wall on Hope Street

Vintage signs on a wall on Hope Street

Street food off Brick Lane

A bloke with a pair of tongs

Tenfoot graffiti, featuring a couple of pink breasts

Installation art

More graffiti, wheelie bins and a pile of junk

A crushed car

Isobel's on the phone

A view of the Gherkin

Gas-mask street art

'Caution: infernal traffic'

Wistful graffiti

A deserted factory building

A heavily-graffiti'd doorway

Isobel, and reflections in glass doors

More wall art

The Heveningham sign is covered up by an Avian Influenza warning

Blythburgh Church - the Cathedral of the Marshes

Sunlight plays on the floor

Black Shuck's scorch marks are visible on the door

Light streams in through the plain-glass windows

A hide-away priest's hole

The spiral stairs to the priets's hole

Blythburgh Church reaches for the sky

At Walberswick: houses in stilts

A house on stilts by the car park

People in the dunes

Southwold Lighthouse from the beach at Walberswick

Gravelly beach

Isobel walks along the shingle

A silhouetted couple walk on the beach

A small child lobs stones in to the sea

Marram grass in the sand dunes

A couple of stacked buckets sit unused on the sand

Strangely-shaped pond

A fisherman casts out

Isobel watches the sun

Broken fence

A weathered tree stump

The sun sets over the salt marsh

The houses on stilts again

The ruined part of Walberswick church

Birds fly off over the church tower

We get stuck behind a slow-moving heavy

The slow-moving heavy's lights bounce in the dark near Hoxne