From the East End to East Coast: Brick Lane and Walberswick - 9th February 2007

Isobel finds a retro 70s-esque armchair down "that there fancy London", and so we head down to near Bethnal Green to pick it up, stick it in the back of the Mk 2 Astra and have a curry on Brick Lane to boot. The next day, the weather turns from gloomy rain to sun, so we head over to Walberswick, near Southwold on the Suffolk Coast, to have a walk on the beach. This requires driving right through chicken flu "ground zero" exclusion zones (through the village of Holton near Halesworth), and gives a chance to recount to Isobel the story of Black Shuck (the Devil Dog who roams the byways of Suffolk) as we stop off for a quick look around Blythburgh Church.

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The bleakest-looking Chinese takeaway in the world, which is made worse by its use of the 'M' word on the sign

On a wall near the antique markets of Hope Street, a collection of vintage signs

Just off Brick Lane in London, the graffiti tag 'tenfoot', featuring a couple of pink breasts

Installation art

More graffiti, wheelie bins and a pile of junk

A poster reads 'I do not want my taxes to pay for the new world odor'

A roadsign has been comically modified to read 'Caution: infernal traffic'

A deserted warehouse

A heavily-graffiti'd doorway

Isobel, and reflections in glass doors

The boundary sign for Heveningham is covered up by an Avian Influenze warning sign

Tiled floor, columns and the timbered roof of Blythburgh Church - the 'cathedral of the marshes'

The 10mm fisheye lens neally gets in the whole of Blythburgh Church roof

The marks on Blythburgh Church door said to be caused by the paw of Black Shuck

Light streams in through the plain-glass windows

Hidden away up a tiny staircase is a peaceful priest's hole

A church window is reflected in the nun's prayer

The tiny spiral staircase leading to the priest's hole

Blythburgh Church reaches for the sky

At Walberswick: houses in stilts

Southwold Lighthouse from the beach at Walberswick

Gravely beach

A silhouetted couple walk on the beach

A small child lobs stones in to the sea

Marram grass in the sand dunes

A couple of stacked buckets sit unused on the sand

Strangely-shaped pond

Isobel watches the sun

Nosher's long shadow

Gentle ripples

Broken fence

Gnarled and weather-beaten tree stump

The sun sets over the salt marsh

On the way back near Hoxne, a slow-moving heavy's lights bounce in the dark

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The bleakest-looking Chinese takeaway in the world, which is made worse by its use of the 'M' word on the sign