Nosher Leaves The Lab Part Two - Beer and Kebabs, Cambridge - 12th January 2007

It's time, after nearly six-and-a-half years, for Nosher to move on to a new job. In traditional style, there's a night on the beer in the Salisbury Arms, off Mill Road, in Cambridge. This is followed by a bit of a feed in "Carlos Kebab King" - which is just as well as the pub's own chef has failed to turn up, so all we've had to eat so far is packets of crisps.

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Isobel, Nosher and Louise

Moody shot of the beer pumps on the bar

Nadine picks^H^H^H^Hscratches her nose; Liviu smiles

Steve H appears

Liviu has fun with the Pentax K10D and takes a photo of the pub clock

John S gets the beers in

The new 10-20mm lens gets the whole pub in

Liviu takes a photo of his 'medicinal' mulled wine

Liviu is surprised

Nick C pretends to be a bunny rabbit. Lucy giggles


Debs, Lucy and Kat

Nick gets a snog from Jules and Lucy

Jason and Leon

Arun says with fingers what he means

Crisp attack: in lieu of food, bags of crisps have to do

Julian gets a plate of chips in Carlos Kebab King

Lucy puckers up

There's a good turnout for post-pub food

Hani, Andy, Zoë, Anne and Arun

Next morning, at the end of Mill Road, Nosher spots a couple of interestingly-abandoned bicycles

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Isobel, Nosher and Louise