Mill Road Winter Fair, Cambridge - 2nd December 2006

Mill Road on the east side of Cambridge is home to all sorts of interesting shops. Along its length can be found Chinese and Korean supermarkets, Polish sausage specialists, Brazilian cafés, Middle-Eastern supplies, Turkish kebabs and Indian restaurants. On one day in December, pretty much the whole street participates in the Winter Fair, which gives a chance to offer a few free tasty treats, and for some of the normally-closed places to open up to show what they do. There are also various street entertainments occuring, in particular a Chinese dragon dance which takes place on Donkey Common, near the swimming pool on the very end of Mill Road

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Some of the guys in the legendary Al Amin stores inflate balloons with helium

a bunch of girls offer free cakes outside St. Barnabas church

An excellent gospel choir praises the lord

Isobel prepares to check out a wine-and-beer shop

Checking out various chili-based products

The oyster guy

Isobel partakes in an oyster treat

Another choir in fine voice sing Christmas carols

Outside Kymmoy Noodle Bar, lessons in chopstick use are given

Chopstick lessons and free green tea

An old-school shop on Mill Road. The stuff in the window has been there so long, all the colours have faded to cyan

Inside the church of St. Barnabas, a puppet show entertains some youngsters

The St. Barnabas Press

A guy on stilts walks up Mill Road, near Kingston Street

A small girl in a big wig

A Turkish guy in a fake moustache (well, probably fake)

Chinese percussion

Cultural contrast: Chinese percussion and a red post box

A guy unicycles past, er, a bi-cycle shop

A girl gets face-painted

The dude on stilts walks along Mill Road, talking to the crowds

More face painting

Lessons in Chinese drumming

The houses opposite are reflected in Sally Ann's shop window

The Kymmoy Noodle woman, followed by a dragon, points the way

On Donkey Common, the Chinese dragon's head awaits

Dragon dancing

The dragon dances around the green

The secret is revealed: it's actually people

After the dancing is over

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Some of the guys in the legendary Al Amin stores inflate balloons with helium