Autumn Colleges: a Wander around The Backs, Cambridge - 26th November

It's a nice day at the tail-end of Autumn, so it's a good chance to wander around the Backs of Cambridge and look around the River Cam and Trinity and King's Colleges, before a quick poke around the market...

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Geese mill around and peck at the grass

Late leaves and St John's college

Isobel roams around

A spot of winter punting, and a suitably erudite conversation

Punting near Trinity college

Trinity Great Court

Reddened Virginia Creeper festoons the college walls

in Cambridge

Wet cobblestones in the market place

Spot Nosher's reflection in a couple of dangling mirrors

The bloke in the towel and bathrobe stall reads a paper and models at the same time

Isobel tries a puppet for size

Four K6 phone boxes in a row

Multiple sun dials

Part of King's College

The grand Chapel of King's College

King's College Chapel, and a carpet of dead autumn leaves

More punting on the Cam near King's College

Cows graze the fields behind King's College Chapel

On Kingston Street, the letting agency has got the sign a bit wrong

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Geese mill around and peck at the grass