Evidence of Autumn: Thornham Walks, Suffolk - 18th November 2006

Nosher and Isobel go for a wander around the nearby Thornham Estate, resplendent in its late-Autumn colours. There's also another poke around the cute thatched church of St. Mary's in Thornham Parva, and Nosher does a late-night stop-off (on the way back from the pub) to take photos of the avenue of trees leading to the Cornwallis Arms - yellow by day, and even yellower by night: lit by the string of sodium lights along the drive.

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The main entrance to the driveway of the Cornwallis Arms, Brome

Golden leaves blow around in the wind

The entrance lit by an eerie yellow sodium glow

Some autumn trees on Cambridge Science Park lit by a low sun

In the Fort St. George, Cambridge, Louise, Ben, Hani and Nick drink beer

Some random bloke in the Fort St. George contemplates life over a plate of spare sandwiches

Golden leaves and blue sky, Thornham Estate

A pastoral scene: cows munch grass (as they do)

Isobel heads off down a path

We discover a Ray Mears-style encampment in the woods

A carpet of leaves

The little folly at the Thornham Estate pet cemetary

Isobel contemplates the apples in the walled garden at Thornham

(Not another photo...)

More golden leaves

A wrought-iron gate; ajar.

In the leafy litter, fungi thrive

A solitary mushroom

A cow sneaks under the electric fence to get at the fresh grass beyond

Crowning glory

A dead tree

Another visit to the the thatched church of St. Mary at Thornham Parva

Leaded lights

The nave of St. Mary's

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The main entrance to the driveway of the Cornwallis Arms, Brome