Caroline and Chris' Wedding, County Clare, Ireland - 26th October 2006

Two friends of Isobel - Caroline and Chris - get married in Clouna Church, somewhere in the wilds of County Clare in Western Ireland, and follow up with a reception at Burke's Armada Hotel at Spanish Point. Nosher was meant to be at "part 1", but thanks to the A14 being bunged up (even at 6.15am), the intended Ry-unfair flight at Stansted was missed by about 10 minutes, which led to a dash down to Heathrow to try and catch a later Aer Lingus. This too, thanks to a combination of just missing several things by a few minutes, was overshot by 10 minutes and so there were several hours of hanging around at Heathrow to waiting for a 2pm flight. At least there was the sight of several heavily-armed coppers inspecting and disarming an abandoned rucksac near to Nosher, and then interrogating some haples teenager with a guitar who was obviously plotting to cause mass panic by dint of playing "Stairway to Heaven" on a flight to Ibiza or something. Anyway, Nosher eventually made it to the hotel, after picking up a hire car from Shannon airport, for the main course (which had been kept on the table by Isobel) and quickly made up for lost time with a few glasses of wine and several pints of Guinness, followed by a bit of a thrash on the dancefloor to bop along to the Ceilidh band.

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There's a 'revenge of the photographers' moment on Nosher's table

Chris (the groom) does his speech

Caroline and her dad

A slightly blurry shot of Caro's dad being given a Scotland rugby shirt

Chris performs a self-penned song to Caroline

Caroline's turn to speak

The cakes are cut

Three candles and three cakes

Caroline is surrounded by her posse

Gary freaks out for a multi-flash shot

The first dance

Loads of ceilidh dancing

Caroline looks shocked by something

Stripping the willow

Several kilts and the odd sgian dubh

On the following morning, Isobel signs the wedding book

Something of a college reunion

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There's a 'revenge of the photographers' moment on Nosher's table