Lan Kwai Fong Market, Hong Kong, China - 3rd October 2006

After an aborted attempt to get a Chinese Visa in London fails because they don't mention on the website that same-day service closes at 11am, a plan is hatched to instead stop by in Hong Kong and do it from there. This, fortuitously, means that there's most of a day to roam around and re-visit some of the places previously encountered on holiday back in 2001 (figuring that there's not really enough time to wander off exploring somewhere totally unknown in case it turned out to be boring or something). That said, a fairly random location was picked off the English-Cantonese "please drive me here" leaflet that the hotel provides, and which hapless foreigners can wave at taxi drivers and point to, but which happily turns out to be one of the more interesting parts of Central (downtown Hong Kong) - Lan Kwai Fong. It's fairly early, and not many shops are open, but eventually Nosher happens upon one of HK's bustling street markets, and hangs out for a while...

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A portly woman looks in to a shop doorway

Neon lights and vegetable stalls

The teeming streets

Meat is prepared in an open-air butchers

Two friends meet (even though the look they're having a stand-off)

Plastic-covered supermarket (and plastic-covered food)

At a fish stall, large buckets of seafood are tipped out into strainers

Bits of bloody fish, and dishes of things. Someone wants four of something.

An old woman points at fish and shouts

The fishmonger

Shiny silver fish glisten brightly

Open tanks of writhing fish. On the green tray, still-live fish jump around making a futile bid for freedom

Hillside street, hemmed in by densely-packed tower blocks

Carrots in a basket

An old woman springs out of a heap of veg

Some dude pushes a trolley laden with oil past a lantern shop

The guy who makes things out of tin reads the newspaper

An old dude struggles up a hill with a sack of provisions

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A portly woman looks in to a shop doorway