Cambridge Black Swans and Spitfires - 10th September 2006

Miscellaneous scenes from Cambridge (with a few of Norwich's pigeons thrown in for good measure), including: a few beers at the Fort St. George on the River Cam; the aforementioned pigeons of Norwich; a Mark-5 Spitfire - BM597, registered as JH-C and originally part of a Polish RAF squadron, is spotted parked at Cambridge Airport (Spitfires are always an absolute joy to see, especially close-up); finally Nosher and Isobel go for a bike ride down to the banks of the River Cam out at Grantchester Meadows, and see people jumping in rivers and a black swan cruise by.

next album: Baits Bite Lock, Folk Night and Kebabs, Cambridge - 12th September 2006
previous album: Alex Hill at Revolution Records, Norwich - 9th September 2006

Hani, Leon and Leon's girlfriend at the Fort St. George, Cambridge

A Norwich pigeon perches on a statue in The Haymarket

Pigeon takes to flight

Spitfire JH-C, on the ground at Cambridge Airport

One of Cambridge Airport's Tiger Moths

Another photo of Spitfire BM598 at Cambridge Airport

The Red Lion, out by the river at Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge

Life at the bottom of a beer glass

Isoebl tolerates another photo

Some dude hurls himself in to the River Cam

A curious black swan floats by

The black swan hoovers up floating vegetation from the river

Almost Constable-esque scene of the River Cam

Swans mill around the moored punts

A juvenile swan forages for food

Isobel with her bike, ready to leave

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Hani, Leon and Leon's girlfriend at the Fort St. George, Cambridge