Hani, Leon and girlfriend at the Fort St. George

Hani, Leon and girlfriend at the Fort St. George

Nosher under a parasol

At the Fort St. George

Leon and his girlfriend by the fireplace

A pigeon on a statue in the Haymarket, Norwich

Milling around in the new Revs, in Norwich

Mark surveys the scene as the band sets up

Craig Hill sets up

Alex Hill on vocals

Alex Hill in Revolution Records, Norwich

More guitar from Alex

Wes and Hazel look over

Alex Hill on the mic

Rory Hill hides behind the CD racks

The crowd looks on

The gig is over

In the new Revolution Records on White Lion Street

Spitfire JH-C, on the ground at Cambridge Airport

One of Cambridge Airport's Tiger Moths

Spitfire BM598 at Cambridge Airport

The Red Lion, at Grantchester Meadows

Isobel tolerates another photo

Some dude hurls himself in to the River Cam

Guitar on the meadows

A dog walker

A black swan floats by

Ducks on the Cam

A dude on the bank watches the swans

A juvenile swan forages for food

A man on a punt

Isobel with her bike, ready to leave