Big Spiders, Norwich Science Fest and Kingston Arms, Cambridge - 5th September 2006

A miscellaneous roundup of photos from the end of August and beginning of September: first up, the secret genetics lab upstairs at Qualcomm Cambridge produces another in its series of "extreme insects", this time in the shape of a rather large spider; there are a few photos of Nosher's favourite food shop - Convivium Deli in Diss; Isobel, with Nosher along for kicks, goes on a shopping spree in Norwich, after which there's time for a walk up to the Cathedral Close, where part of the Norwich Science Festival is going on; on Sunday there's a barbeque around Pip and Apple's down the road from Nosher; finally, on Monday evening after a trip down Mill Road in Cambridge to eat out at the Kymmoy Noodle Bar, we head over to the Kingston Arms on Kingston Street for a spirit round, to find some live folk/bluegrass/blue going on in the corner...

next album: Alex Hill at Revolution Records, Norwich - 9th September 2006
previous album: Qualcomm Cambridge's Summer Circus Thrash, Cambridge - 18th August 2006

The monster spider: nearly 8 centimetres of fangs, hair and legs

Craig, with the whole office watching, prepares to pick it off the ceiling in a tissue. The huge beast can be seen clinging to the ceiling above his head

A wall of fierce orange clouds

Crescent moon over the chicken-shit power station near Eye, Suffolk

More sunset clouds

In Convivium Deli, Nick and his dad mill around serving food

Isobel looks at cheese

An old Victorian cheese table

In Norwich, on the way to Tombland, Isobel tries out water divining/dowsing

In the herb garden, in the Cathedral Close, molecular models of aromatic compounds are distributed amongst the plants they relate to

In period dress, a girl explains about medieval potions, ointments and unguents

Thistle heads

A medieval-style woman, with bales of wool in the colours of the day

In the cloisters, various science displays are on show

Under the tower in Norwich Cathedral

People mill around the cloisters

Inside Norwich Cathedral's nave is suspended the world's largest model of DNA

Out in the Close gardens, a kids' musical workshop takes place

Elm Hill, Norwich, has art displays going on

Down Bridewell Alley, Norwich, a derelict shop

Crepuscular rays burst out from behind a cloud

On the Brome/Oakley road, there's an abandonned matress

In Pip's back garden

Samson the Weimeraner

Wavy Davy looks up at the sky

Wavy and Marc


Bill has a look of almost orgasmic climax in the hands of Marc. Sue runs away, scared

Isobel watches the musicians in the corner of the Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Guitar and double-bass: blurry, but I like it

Guitar and banjo

A bit of a harmonica moment

At the end of the session, the banjo and guitar sit silently

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The monster spider: nearly 8 centimetres of fangs, hair and legs