The spider: 8 centimetres of fangs, hair and legs

The spider: 8 centimetres of fangs, hair and legs

The spider clings to the ceiling above Craig's head

Back in Brome, the Slim Your Bin balloon goes up

A huge wall of orange cloud looms in the distance

Crescent moon over the chicken-shit power station

Apocalyptic sunset

Isobel checks out the supplies

In Convivium Deli

Nick and his Dad serve customers

An old Victorian cheese table

Isobel tests dowsing in Norwich

Isobel looks up with her dowsing rods

Massed dowsing

Isobel watches dowsing for a bit longer

A herb garden in the Cathedral Close

Molecular models of aromatics by their plants

Isobel roams around

A girl explains medieval potions and ointments

Thistle heads

A medieval woman, with wool in colours of the day

Science displays are on show in the cloisters

Isobel learns about mineral identification

In the cloisters of Norwich cathedral

Under the tower in Norwich Cathedral

People mill around the cloisters

The cathedral hosts the world's largest DNA model

A view of the spire

More garden molecules

There's a kids' musical workshop in the Close

Elm Hill, Norwich, has art displays going on

A derelict shop down Bridewell Alley, Norwich

Isobel on a beet pad in Oakley

A discarded mattress

The gang in Pippa's garden

Marc interacts with Samson

Samson stares at a chair

Samson the Weimerana

Wavy Davy looks up at the sky

Wavy and Marc

John Willy and Spammy

Some sort of pillow fight breaks out

In the conservatory

Guitar in the Kingston Arms

Isobel watches musicians in the Kingston Arms

Guitar and Banjo

The folk group

The banjo and guitar have done their job

At the bar in the Kingston Arms