Caution: pond

Caution: pond

Nosher behind the keyboards

Max warms up

Nosher tests the keyboards out

Max and Jo share a joke

Jo looks back


The band do a sound check

Jo sits down for a bit

The Yaxley Hall pond

Max sits outside

Rob and Henry in our outdoor 'green room'

The band

Rob makes use of his changing room

The band take to the stage

Jo on vocals

Jo belts out another number

Rob auditions for a spot in the Blue Man Group

Jo gives it some

The audience dances around

The BBs in action

Max plays bass

Henry behind his kit

Henry bathed in the glow of red light

Max looks around

Rob has a twang on the Telecaster

Isobel on the beach at Southwold

A Wet Paint hut down at Southwold

Changing huts near the boating lake

Beach huts in front of the sea wall

Isobel leans on a car roof

Isobel tries out the ride-on lawnmower

Isobel mows the lawn

Driving under the walnut tree