The BBs Play Yaxley Hall - 7th July 2006

Mellis school has a fundraiser at Yaxley Hall, just down the road from Nosher's pad. Isobel comes down from Cambridge (the longest trip yet since passing the driving test) to see the band do its thing, and to take some photos. It's also a chance to see Yaxley Hall, which despite being only a couple of miles away, is completely hidden by trees and so had been a mystery up until this point.

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Max warms up


The band do a couple of practice numbers

Nosher and Max

Nosher pouts

The Yaxley Hall pond, with the house in the background

Rob and Henry in our outdoor 'green room'

The band with a background that looks like the Aurora Borealis

Jo gets a bit moist

Rob auditions for a spot in the Blue Man Group

Jo sings

The crowds dance around

Nosher does a bit of a keyboard thing

Henry behind his kit

Henry bathed in the glow of red light

Another action shot of Jo

Rob twangs as Henry looks up

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Max warms up