Qualcomm Cambridge's Office-Warming Party - 3rd July 2006

Qualcomm Cambridge moves from its offices of 5 years (on the mini Police state that is Cambridge Business Park) into shiny new accomodation on Cambridge Science Park. After a week of moving crates around and watching the bunnies on the grass outside, an "office warming" party is held, featuring some pretty good nosh and a seemingly bottomless supply of Leffe and champagne. By around 8pm, only the beer-drinking hardcore remain (Nosher was crashing in Cambridge so could help out with the beer consumption), where we partake in squeaky-voice merriment courtesy of helium-filled balloons, feed prawn crackers to the moorhens, and have a bit of a poke around on the roof.

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Nosher sits at his new desk

At the party later on, Nick C helps out by opening Champagne

Tim S presents a Qualstar to Dave B

James gets a Qualstar for all his IT-moving work

The 5km-run girls - Sangheetha, Janet, Zoe, Isobel and Lucy

The food guy stirs stuff in a mazzive Wok

Nosher eats noodles

Meanwhile, Julian ties his shoe-laces

Outside, Qualcomm staffers mill around


Round the back of the new offices

Geese on the nearby lake

A Moorhen chick scampers about

Nick scratches his head. Nosher and Francis look on

Steve H does a self-portrait

The mother Moorhen frantically chases her unruly brood

Dan B slurps a glass of red wine

Louise, Janet and Isobel

A seagull swoops by

Later, Leon gets some helium balloons. Isobel is first to try

Breating helium for squeaky-voice fun

Andy has a go

James W tries helium snorting

Leon - perpetrator of the helium balloon thing - shows us how it's done

Up on the roof: scoping out every available corner of our new pad

Louise investigates the plant room

Shiny pipes, wrapped in foil

Isobel, with hard hat, comes back down with beer in hand

Leon reveals a secret stash of Champagne, which we eagerly consume

Isobel does the pouring honours

Andrew and a suprised-looking Isobel help tidy up

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Nosher sits at his new desk