Nosher sits at the new desk

Nosher sits at the new desk

James the IT guy

Isobe's dropped some beer

The queue for champagne

Nick helps out by opening Champagne

Tim Simpson does a speech

Hani gets a Qualstar

Isobel holds a glass

Sangheetha, Janet, Zoe, Isobel, Lucy - the 5k gang

The party is in effect

The caterer in the kitchen

The food guy stirs stuff in a massive wok

Nosher's got noodles on chopsticks

Chatting and mingling

Meanwhile, Julian ties his shoe laces

Steve, James and John Scott

Outside, Qualcomm staffers mill around

A pigeon on the roof

A Moorhen chick stomps about

Round the back of the new offices

Hani looks unsure

Geese on the Science Park lake

Nick scratches his head

Steve H does a self-portrait

Dan slurps a glass of red wine

Louise, Janet and Isobel

Leon with balloons

Breating helium for squeaky-voice fun

Andrew has a go

Andrew breathes helium

James W tries helium snorting

Birds like wires

Shiny plumbing in the roof

Francis and Louise up on the building's roof

Isobel peers over the top

We scope out every corner of our new pad

Louise investigates the plant room

Isobel comes back down with beer in hand

Leon reveals a secret stash of Champagne

Isobel with some overflowing champagne

Isobel does the pouring honours

The ice bucket gets tipped over

Andrew and a suprised-looking Isobel help tidy up

An array of empty bottles in the kitchen