Yaxley Village Fête, Suffolk - 18th June 2006

For a few hours on a Sunday, Nosher heads off down to Yaxley to scope out the village fête. Billy-boy's there, manning a coconut shy, as is Sam Coe and the Daisy half of Sam and Daisy. Although I missed a large chunk of it, there's still timw to catch some tug 'o' war and generally mill around.

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Daisy with guitar

The dude from the Yaxley Cherry Tree plays a rendition of Don Maclean's 'American Pie'

Bill wins a prize on the raffle, and heads over to collect it

Bill and his prize: a football

Crowd scene

The craggy face of Alfie Elliot

Intense effort in the tug 'o' war

More tug 'o' war action

This end of the rope collapses

The anchorman tries to hold it together

It's the kids' turn

Later, the winner of the dog show sets up to have a photo taken by the Diss Express

Old couple of straw bale

The Diss Express photographer tries in vain to get a bunch of kids into a coherent pose

The winners of the tug 'o' war pose for a photo

Woman with balloons, waits for something to happen

A man called horse shoots for the golden shot

Vintage Rolls-Royce in the car park

In Yaxley, near the village hall: a window in need of some repair

Near Nosher's house, someone has dumped a Ferguson TX television

in the grounds of the Cornwallis Arms hotel, a Wizard balloon goes up

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Daisy with guitar