Ben Leaves "The Lab", Cambridge - 16th June 2006

One of the dwindling band of original 3G Lab (then Trigenix and now Qualcomm) staff, Ben decides to move on into the world of consulting. In keeping with tradition, there's a gathering for beer somewhere, this time at the Fort St. George on the river in Cambridge. There had been a lunchtime trip to the Green Dragon as well, but work commitments meant that Nosher missed that particular free-food session. Anyway, the evening starts with a stop-off to Isobel's local - the Kingston Arms, and then a trek over to meet up at the George. Following large amounts of Leffe (and a mild hangover), Nosher and Isobel head off the next day down Mill Road in Cambridge for a drink at café "CB1" and then a rummage around the Sally Army shop, where Isobel spots a Singer sewing machine table. This in turn required the flagging-down of some South African guy on a bike to actually get it out of the car again.

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Near Isobel's pad, a fantastic relic from a former technological age: a shop which sold tapes

Park bench in Mill Road Cemetery

Nosher drinks Leffe

Ben plays with Nosher's camera and takes a close-up of beer

Clare, Ben and Hani


Nick sticks his tongue out

Clare and Ben

Ben, Hani and Andrew

Hani's head

Nick does some sort of table dancing...

...and then spins a tray


In CB1, Isobel looks at the collection of books

Nosher peers at the vintage computers along the top of the bookshelf

Across Mill Road, a bunch of neighbours stop for coffee and a chat

Commodore PETs in a café!

Isobel fiddles with her sunglasses

On Kingston Street, a boarded-up old record shop

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Near Isobel's pad, a fantastic relic from a former technological age: a shop which sold tapes