Working in Malaga, Spain - 6th-9th June 2006

A last-minute trip to Malaga in southern Spain is required, so Nosher heads off via the, er, "charms" of EasyJet from Stansted (well, at least it's fairly near). It's one of those trips where I didn't really get a lot of time to mill around: the working day was generally 10am - 10pm, with an hour for lunch, and besides which, we were based out at the Parque Technologico, at Campanillas Malaga, some 20km out of the city centre. Nevertheless, day 1 is spent travelling and arriving, and there were a few hours in the evening to explore the old city from the base of the Palacio Malaga hotel, right next door to the cathedral.

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Café society: square opposite the cathedral

A busking clarinet

Malaga alleyway

Reading a book passes the time

This tower wouldn't be out of place in a spaghetti western

More café life

Window and balcony

More scenes from the back-streets of Malaga old town

The almost-derelict Cine Astoria cinema

A solitary figure sits in the Roman ampitheatre

An old woman feeds feral cats scraps of mystery meat

The Spanish flag flutters in a town square

Streelight and church

Interesting brick pattern and praying statue

A night-time street-scene seen from the hotel balcony

Malaga Cathedral by night

Calle Molina and the corner of the cathedral

Old Malaga town in the evening

Oranges, which have fallen out of a tree, are slowly eaten by ants

The cathedral's main door

Looking across the western end of the Isle of Wight (and the Needles). Hurst Spit and the New Milton area are on the mainland

Portsmouth from the air

Heathrow airport

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Café society: square opposite the cathedral