Hard-Fi Live at Brixton Academy - 15th May 2006

It turned out to be a bit of a job getting there: as we get to Vauxhall station on the Victoria Line, it's announced that service has been suspended to Brixton, and so, with groans from all round, an entire train-load of people stream out of the station and try and all get on the same Number 2 bus (the driver all the while looking nervous, in case a riot broke out when it turned out he could only fit another 20 people on). Trying this for a while, but quickly giving up, Nosher and The Boy Phil get a taxi for the last few miles to the venue, but at least the cab takes us right to the entrance. Following a somewhat incongrous rap act, the legendary Billy "little bit of politics" Bragg takes to the stage and performs a suitably fierce set. Hard-Fi follow (after what seems like three hours) and don't disappoint the crowd by pretty much playing the entire "Stars of CCTV" album, with only a couple of new tracks thrown in for good measure (although I wasn't as keen on the guitar-only version of "Move on Now" as the original). A major highlight is the appearance of another total legend - Paul Weller - who plays "A Town Called Malice" with the band, and then guests for another number. After the gig, almost everyone seemed to be saying "wow, it was Paul f***** WELLER!!".

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Billy Bragg does his entire set under a single spotlight

Nice abstract shot as Billy Bragg takes his guitar off and leaves the stage

Hard-Fi kick off their set. The background video throughout proves provocative and interesting

A single spotlight for 'Move on Now'

Paul Weller makes a guest appearance and sings 'A Town Called Malice'

Note the symmetry of the hand in the air and on the screen

Paul Weller and Hard-Fi

Paul Weller continues with a guest guitar spot on 'Stars of CCTV'

The end of the gig

Grist for a Lingua-pedant's mill, seen at Liverpool Street Station: Saturday's what??!!

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Billy Bragg does his entire set under a single spotlight