Surf's Up: Cruisin' California Route 101 - 4th March 2006

It's the first weekend of three that Nosher spends in California during the month of March. For an intro, I decide to drive up the famous Route 101 along the California coast from San Diego towards Los Angeles. There are several stops along the way, first at Del Mar to get some cash, followed by the quaintly-named Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, past the wilderness of Camp Pendleton and finally to Capistrano Beach - the return leg blasting straight down Interstate 5 with the Miata's roof down all the way (complete with a bit of sunburn to show for it).

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Coastguard's lookout hut at Cardiff-by-the-Sea

A surfer returns to the beach

A couple of California Girls head out to the breakers

Surf's up, dude...

A flock of seagulls (well, they're probably not, but I like the music reference) skim over the Pacific Ocean


Riding the waves

Like pebbles on the beach, kicked around, displaced by feet...

The main drag through Carlsbad (probably)

Flags and windmills

Great 50s sign, outside the 'Surf Bowl' bowling alley, Carlsbad

Close up of the 50s bowling sign

The sign advertises 'xxtreme glow-in-the-dark bowling', whatever that might be

Strolling along a Pacific beach

A hot-rod Beetle drives by an Oceaside coastguard hut

Three coastguard huts all in a row, at Oceanside

Under the boardwalk, down by the sea...

Meanwhile, some sort of modelling photo shoot is occuring

Oceaside pier

Lots of pier legs reflected in the wet sand

Nicely-aged boardwallk timbers

Pay-per-view binoculars

Seagull on a hut

Palm trees at the base of the pier

Some bloke takes a nap in the sun

Just off the beach, a major construction project takes place (the building of a hotel complex)

A construction worker poses for a shot

Nice house on Oceanside Boulevard

The 50s-retro 'Route 101 Café', complete with 50s classic American car

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Coastguard's lookout hut at Cardiff-by-the-Sea