Boxing Day Miscellany, Hordle and Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire - 26th December 2005

After a quiet Christmas day staying at home under a personal cloud of gloom, Nosher heads off on the 220 miles journey to New Milton on the south coast to meet up with Sean, Michelle, god-daughter Sydney and old mate Phil. The first rendezvous is round Phil's parents' house in Hordle. Afterwards, Nosher heads off round to Sean's to crash for the night before heading back to Suffolk via the "road to hell", otherwise known as the M25, which is up to its usual tricks and is depressingly solid all the way from the M3 to the M11

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At Fleet Services on the M3, someone's journey has ended badly

Sean and Michelle

Chris, Bernice and Phil


Sean poses

Bob looks at something on a laptop

Chris, Lee-lou and Phil on a laptop

Phil looks for some bizarre 'World of Warcraft' films


Sydney and Rowan

Syd and Rowan play with a model Tower Bridge

Sean and Michelle head off to feed the kids

Phil and Lolly in the kitchen

Lolly helps Kai make a banana menorah

The banana menorah

The clan in the kitchen

Phil checks out Tower Bridge

Next day, round Sean's, it's Sean's turn to do the laptop thing

Sydney plays around with a watch

The cat, Holly, watches fish in the tank

Holly pads around

Holly the Cat

Sean's done his leg in, so Michelle has to apply a sock to his foot


Sydney hugs 'Dora the explorer'. Rowan looks worried

Sean gets breakfast

Rowan poses

Holly slurps the left-over milk from Rowan's breakfast

Hengistbury Head

On Barton-on-Sea cliff top

Nosher's favourite groyne

Looking along Barton clifftop

The Road to Hell: M25 near Junction 16 for the M40. Stacked traffic as far as the eye can see.

The M25 at Junction 16

Somewhere near Rickmansworth on the M25 - the road is still hosed.

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At Fleet Services on the M3, someone's journey has ended badly