Someone's journey ends badly at Fleet Services

Someone's journey ends badly at Fleet Services

Sean and Michelle

Chris, Bernice and Phil


Sean poses

Bob looks at something on a laptop

Chris, Lee-lou and Phil on a laptop

Phil looks for 'World of Warcraft' films


Sydney and Rowan

Syd and Rowan play with a model Tower Bridge

Sean and Michelle head off

Sean and Michelle head off to feed the kids

Phil and Lolly in the kitchen

Lolly helps Kai make a banana menorah

The banana menorah

The clan in the kitchen

Phil checks out Tower Bridge

Next day it's Sean's turn to do the laptop thing

Sydney plays around with a watch

The cat, Holly, watches fish in the tank

Holly pads around

Holly the Cat

Michelle applies a sock to Sean's foot


Sydney hugs 'Dora the explorer'

The kids want breakfast

Sean gets some cereal out

Rowan poses

Holly slurps left-over milk from Rowan's breakfast

Hengistbury Head, and Swanage in the distance

On Barton-on-Sea cliff top

Beachcomber Café

Nosher's favourite groyne

Looking along Barton clifftop

The Road to Hell: M25 near Junction 16 for the M40

The M25 at Junction 16

Near the M1 exit

The 'Give Peas a Chance' bridge near Rickmansworth