Pre Christmas Roundup: Wigs, Beers and Kebabs - 24th December 2005

Random photos from a few days prior to Christmas, including the bizarre discovery of a discarded wig in a hedge in Cambridge; retail park desolation; a Friday trip to Diss for a few beers (and a kebab) and an evening in the Brome Swan after Nosher plays the organ in a Christmas gig at St Mary Antioch in Thrandeston.

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At Qualcomm Cambridge, Bill adjusts his chocolate fountain

Sunset over the field next to Nosher's house

A forest of sodium lights over a deserted carpark on Anglia retail park in Ipswich

Rows of B&Q trolleys

A mysterious abandoned wig in a hedge in Cambridge, spotted by Dan H

Nadine-sprog comes to visit QC Cambridge

Roaming around Diss, walking down St Nicholas Street, outside the Quartermaster's Stores

Near the church, St Nicholas Street

Sue spots an unusually high number of trainers in someone's hallway

The bottom half of the door to Browne's the butchers is open, so Nosher scares the staff by sticking his head under it

In the White Horse, Diss: the only Diss pub I'd never been in to in 16 years

Marc gives it thumbs up

Wavy and Bill (looking strained)

Tim A and Marc

The rozzers turn up to the Two Brewers, where we'd been earlier (the two incidents are unconnected :-)

In the Istanbul Kebab shop in Diss, two blokes in fairy costumes peer in the window

A right couple of fairies

The crew of the kebab shop

More fancy-dress action

Marc leans against a wall and smokes a fag, whilst surveying the streets of Diss

On Christmas Eve morning, the crowds heave through Diss. This shot taken into the light

The Boy Phil and the Mikey-P Massive in the Swan, Brome


Mikey-P really loves playing up to the camera

Alan is a blur of action behind the bar

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At Qualcomm Cambridge, Bill adjusts his chocolate fountain