There's a spread of fruit at Qualcomm Cambridge

There's a spread of fruit at Qualcomm Cambridge

Bill adjusts his chocolate fountain

An intense sunset over the side field

Sodium lights over a deserted B&Q car park

A lone car in the Anglia Retail car park

A million B&Q shopping trolleys

There's an abandoned wig in a hedge in Cambridge

Nadine-sprog comes to visit QC Cambridge

Walking down St Nicholas Street

The gang in Diss, near the church

Suey walks past an estate agents

There are a lot of trainers in someone's hallway

Nosher peers under the half-open door at Browne's

The lads in Browne's

Richard behind the counter

At the bar of the White Horse in Diss

Bill and Marc

In the White Horse in Diss

Tim, Phil and Wavy

In the White Horse, Diss

Marc gives it thumbs up

Wavy and Bill (looking strained)

Tim and Marc

The rozzers turn up to the Two Brewers

Two blokes in fairy costumes peer in the window

In Istanbul Kebab shop

A right couple of fairies

The crew of the kebab shop

A Christmas crowd

More fancy-dress action

A fancy-dress fairy in the kebab shop

Marc leans against a wall and smokes a fag

Looking down St. Nicholas Street

Contra-jour on Christmas Eve morning

Another view of a busy Mere Street

The Boy Phil and Mikey P in the Swan

Up the Swan on Christmas Eve


Mikey-P does some posing

Marc and Mikey-P

Sylvia is a blur of action behind the bar