View from the Copthorne Hotel over North Cross

View from the Copthorne Hotel over North Cross

The GTB, now known as the Babbage Building

The old General Teaching Block

The Coburg Street Villas, seemingly untouched

The re-skinned Engineering and Science Blocks

Up the hill past Engineering and the GTB stairs

Babbage/GTB entrance

Kirkby Stores and the James Street Vaults

Kirkby Stores entrance

The sad fate of Kirkby Stores

Bill posters free-for-all

A broken and exposed bulkhead light

Looking up Kirkby Terrace and the old Fly office

The JSV actually has a Wimpy in it

The Fitzroy Building, previously Maritime Block

The road past the Electron Microscopy Unit

The back of the LRC and SU

Looking down to engineering

Back of the Students' Union, and the Science Block

What used to be the entrance to the LRC (Library)

The dude walking out of the LRC wall

The SU pyramid and remains of an 80s Nightline ad

Entrance to the SU: mostly the same as it was

Looking down past the main hall to North Hill

Maritime and Business Studies block, Endsleigh Place

The link building between Engineering and Science

Looking back up on the way back to the hotel

The Coburg Street Villas

The University of Plymouth logo on the GTB wall