Mother and Mike in the kitchen at The Chapel

Mother and Mike in the kitchen at The Chapel

Mother's in the fridge

Mother potters around

Mike prepares something for lunch

The graveyard in the garden

Gravestones in the garden

Looking down the hill from the top of the graveyard

A cross in the ground

The favourite gravestone: Peace, Perfect Peace

Broken stonework on a grave

The Chapel, and Hoo Meavy

The wintry garden

Alabaster statue

Another view of the chapel and its garden

Mother sets up lunch

Time for lunch

Raffles, the timid Italian Spinoni, appears

Raffles begs for treats

Mike and Mother

Raffles lurks

A Dartmoor pony on the roadside near Clearbrook

Another pony - photography like a tourist

A stone-lined old aquaduct

A view of Clearbrook

On the dam at Burrator Resevoir

The ice-cream van is there, whatever the weather

A sluice valve

Some water control valves

Mike and Mother on the dam bridge

Mike's on a style

Mike roams around

Burrator Dam

Mother looks about

A pile of mossy rocks

Walking by the edge of the resevoir

Burrator resevoir

Some more derelict infrastructure

Mother waves

Mother in the pine trees

Mike stands on a wall

Mother and Mike look out

Secret Nuclear Bunker (possibly)

A misty Burrator Resevoir

The optimistic ice-cream van braves the weather

Raffles chomps on a blanket