A Wander Around Hoo Meavy and Burrator: Dartmoor, Devon - 18th December 2005

It's the day after the Plymouth Alumni Reunion, and Nosher heads back to his Mother's gaff on the edge of Dartmoor. There's time for a bit of lunch at the old Chapel (still complete with its own graveyard) and a walk around nearby Burrator Resevoir - an oft frequented haunt for the last 20 years - before the weather gently degrades into drizzle (in a true Dartmoor style) and I head off on the 360-mile drive back to Suffolk

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In the kitchen at The Chapel

Gravestones in the garden

Broken cross

My favourite graveston: Peace, Perfect Peace

The peaceful graveyard.

The wintry garden

Alabaster statue

Another view of the chapel and its garden

Mother sets up lunch

Raffles, the timid Italian Spinoni, eventually plucks up courage to venture in

Raffles begs for treats

Dartmoor pony on the roadside near Clearbrook

More ponies. I felt somewhat foolish taking photos of them after having, on several occasions, silently berated tourists for doing the same

Old building near a golf course (a golf course on the moor? Wtf??!)

On the dam at Burrator Resevoir

Mike peers over the side

Some water control valves

Walking by the edge of the resevoir


Mother waves

Pine trees by the edge of the water

Another view of Burrator resevoir

Mother and Mike

Secret Nuclear Bunker (possibly)

Bright, golden leavs

Sheepstor, in the distance, is slowly enveloped by cloud

An optimistic ice-cream van braves the inclement weather

A few photos of Raffles the Spinoni

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In the kitchen at The Chapel