Plymouth by Night - 17th December 2005

Just before the Uni Reunion kicks off, Nosher has a couple of hours to hang around after checking in to the Copthorn Hotel in Plymouth (the day after arriving and crashing at The Mother's house, in Hoo Meavy, for a night). Plymouth is in a constant state of rebuilding, never seeming to settle for anything for any period of time, and in the two years since Nosher's last visit, the bottom end of Armada Way (where it crosses over Royal Parade) has been levelled, the subway removed, and the whole area paved in order to make a large open space. For the timebeing, this space is occupied by a large ferris wheel which spins around slowly giving nice views over the city. Anyway, Plymouth in pre-Christmas mode has plenty of colour, what with the lights 'n' all, and loads of people milling around in a shopping frenzy.

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The ferris wheel, outside Plymouth Guildhall in the new paved area by Royal Parade

Close-up of the ferris wheel

A couple of local lads spot an opportunity to play up for the camera

Market stalls on Armada Way; the darkened tower of the civic centre looms in the distance

Looking up Armada Way

Standing on the sundial, looking down New George Street

Armada Way and the intersection with Cornwall Street

More scenes on Armada Way

The west end of New George Street

A smaller ferris wheel on Cornwall Street

Welcome to Plymouth, in blue

Golden leaves on Armada Way outside Portman Building Society and the Lloyds TSB branch

Voodoo Lounge (which used to be called Charlie's in student times), a small nightclub by The Money Centre, Drakes Circus

More of the ongoing building works as the redeveloping of Drakes Circus: the M&S project

Ferris wheel reflected in the ponds outside the Civic Centre

60s architecture, rumoured to be on the cards for demolition

More 60s: the link between the Civic Centre and the building next door

View towards Princess Street

Derry's Department Store, in green, on Royal Parade near Derry's Cross

The ABC Cinema, Derry's Cross

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The ferris wheel, outside Plymouth Guildhall in the new paved area by Royal Parade