Sam and Daisy during their first set

Sam and Daisy during their first set

Brother and sister act

Sam Coe, winner of The Park Hotel's talent contest

A pensive moment

Mellis blues harp player Simon adds some harmonica

It's a full-on blues moment

Daisy sings

Sam does backing vocals

Andy, The landlord of the Cherry Tree

Gov and Rachael (taken by Bill)

Steve, Sam and Daisy's dad, videos the encore

Landlady of the Cherry Tree

The dog leaves a trail of wee on the floor

The over-excited pub dog

Rachel and Gov in the Four Horsehoes

Nosher and The Boy Phil

Mikey P lays back

Clare gets some sort of foot poke

A few nights later, we're in Bar 13 for more music

Warren Sadiwskyj on guitar

Marc and The Boy Phil

A bit of guitar from Warren Sadiwskyj

Bill in conversation

Alex Hill does a spot

Rory Hill takes photos on a Pentax K-1000

Bill and The Boy Phil

Warren Sadiwskyj again

Bill looks over

Someone chats to Alan Warren


Bill's on the coke - the curse of driving

Warren Sadiwskyj puts his guitar away

The eponymous bar of Bar 13

Marc finds something amusing

Alex Hill does another number

Rory Hill looks over as a couple dance by the door

Dancing to Alex Hill

Bill and Marc

Marc does a massive yawn

Life in Bar 13

Warren checks a CD booklet

A post-gig chat

Craig Hill helps pack up

Marc roams around on Pump Hill in Diss

A trip to the petrol-station shop on Victoria Road

Daniella Westbrook in drainpipe jeans

Derek Acorah in the background