Saturday Misc: Burnt-out Recycling Bins and More Pigeons - 4th November 2005

Another Saturday session and some more photos of Diss. This weekend, some knobwit morons have decided to set fire to a bunch of recycling bins, presumably "for a laff". Several of the bins have almost completely disappeared, whilst the rest have been been softened enough to melt over the forms of the wine bottles within. On the plus side, the fire had taken out the car park's ticket machine, which provides a free-parking bonus for the locals. There's also a few more photos of Browne's the Butchers and the Pigeons and Ducks of Diss

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Cat 'B', The Sock, on the stairs

Melted recycling bins

Soft plastic melts and sets around some trapped bottles

Toasted ticket machine

Singed sign

A fence turned into charcoal

Dan mills around in Browne's

Roger and Richard

Small dog/big dog, looking right outside Cannell's in Diss


Someone feeds a pigeon (not that they really need any encouragement)

Danger: pigeon

One pigeon says to another...

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Cat 'B', The Sock, on the stairs