The Sock on the stairs

The Sock on the stairs

The Sock again

The recycling area in the car park has been torched

Melted recycling bins

The fence is like charcoal

Molten plastic has trapped some bottles

Upsetting no-one, the ticket machine is toast

The melted door of the attendant's cubicle

Singed sign

Scene of destruction

The Quartermaster's stores

Dan and Richard in Browne's the butcher

Dan mills around in Browne's

Richard chops some meat up

Roger and Richard

Dan Dan the Meat Man

Roger mixes it up in a bowl

Fit as a butcher's dogs, outside Cannell's

A balloon raffle outside Amity's Florist in Diss

The poppy seller on Mere Street

Some dude sits alone on a bench

The weekly shop, dangling from a bike

A duck waddles about

Someone feeds a pigeon by the Mere

Seagulls mob the ducks

Danger: pigeon

Photographing the ducks

A bunch of gulls give it some attitude

Kids run around by the Mere

A life belt

A car passes on Wortham Ling

A bright starburst

Red sparkles scatter

A multiple launch from the Cricket Club

Multiple explosions, like dahlias

A finale moment