Russell sets up a network in the council offices

Russell sets up a network in the council offices

The new network rack

The offices off Cross Street get fitted out

There are some desks all ready to go

Russell locks up

The new council offices

The town sign, from the twinned town of Pouzauges

Eye's Victorian town hall

The distinctive triangle houses on top of the hill

Eye castle - a victorian folly on a Norman motte

The view of the church and school from the castle

Russell looks over Eye

Russel at the top of the castle

Russell heads down the steps

We're in Tudor House bakery for a lunchtime snack

Sunset over the A14, near Stow Cum Quy

Headlight and brake-light trails on the A14, Saxham

Streams of traffic

The Boy Phil's parents' car blows up

Autumn trees on Palgrave duck-pond

A farmhouse somewhere

Sophie on top of a bank

Soph-bags roams around

Soph-Bags has a comical pipe-cleaner tail

Sophie scales Nosher's legs

Leaves in a bird bowl

Elm Hill, Norwich

A warm glow from The Bear Shop

Half way down Elm Hill

Further up Elm Hill, towards Tombland

The main gate to the Cathedral Close

Norwich Cathedral's nave window

The second-highest steeple in England

The cathedral from the Close

Looking up at the spire

Entrance to the Cloisters

The organ, which was being played at the time

Distinctive spiralled columns on the right

Norwich Cathedral's Nave

Stained glass

A font made from Rowntree chocolate factory copper

Mediaeval wall paintings

Interesting skeleton wall figure

Tombland, and the former Boswell's

Two K6 red phoneboxes on Tombland

Back on Elm Hill

Sophie on a pile of USA Todays

A subdued red-light rainbow

An orange sunset imparts a weird glow to the sky