Weekend Misc: Mars, Sunsets and Rainbows, Autumn and Norwich Cathedral - 29th October 2005

A round-up of several miscellaneous things. First up, there's another astronomical photo, this time of Mars. Once again, it's not exactly going to challenge Hubble, but the point is that this was taken on my normal camera, albeit with a 1000mm lens. Next, there's a great sunset just outside Cambridge, on the way home from work, plus a few headlight trails. The Boy Phil's parents' car explodes, blowing the oil filter off and ripping a chunk out of the crank case. Then, some autumn leaves and finally, a trip to Norwich, including Elm Hill and Norwich Cathedral.

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A photo of Mars. There are tantalising hints of the green surface colouring splodges visible on proper photos

Sunset over the A14, near Stow Cum Quy

Headlight trails on the A14, Saxham

The Mortlock Motor blows up. The hole in the crank-case can be seen right in the middle

Autumn trees on Palgrave duck-pond

Cat 'A', The Evil Soph-Bags, with comical pipe-cleaner tail sticking out

Leaves in a bird bowl

Elm Hill, Norwich

A warm glow from a shop

Further up Elm Hill, towards Tombland

The main gate to the Cathedral Close

Norwich Cathedral - the second-highest steeple in England (after Salisbury)

Entrance to the Cloisters

The organ. It was being played at the time.

Norwich Cathedral's Nave. The camera's indoor white balance setting makes the light coming in from outside a fantastic blue

The main Nave window

A new font, made from copper vessels from the old Rowntree chocolate factory that once existed in Norwich

Medieaval wall paintings

The organ loft

Interesting skeleton wall figure

Tombland, Norwich. On the right was once Boswell's and Pizza One, Pancakes Too

Two K6 red phoneboxes

Princes Street

Soph-Bags sits on a heap of USA Todays

A rainbow

A curious orange sunset which imparts a weird glow to the whole sky

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A photo of Mars. There are tantalising hints of the green surface colouring splodges visible on proper photos