Jen's Hallowe'en Party and Sazzle's Leaving Do - 28th October 2005

Jen has a party, partly because it's Hallowe'en, and partly because Sazzle is off travelling for several months. It's optional fancy dress, and Sue goes as "the corpse bride", whilst The Mikey P Massive puts on loads of make-up to look like the devil. However, the scariest thing turns out to be Jen's punch

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Mikey-P gets his trident out

Jess, with a Morticia Addams wig, gets some ice

Jess and Will

Tyler barricades the kitchen door

'Nuff said...

Andy and Mikey P

It's a major balloon-fest

Marc gets to grips with a staticky balloon

Simon tries to charge up a balloon on Sazzle's head

Marc has a trademark kip

The Mikey-P Massive

Scoobs is let in to hoover around for a few minutes

Simon and Jen

Jen and Simon get down on the floor

Mikey-P shows his stomach

Hair frenzy

Jen with a witch's hat

Sazzle and Sue

Mikey-P sticks his horns up his nose

The end of the Humboldt Glacier unexpectedly appears in Jen's fridge

John Tate

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Mikey-P gets his trident out