Matthew gets bored of photos, so flips the bird

Matthew gets bored of photos, so flips the bird

The Webb Brothers are on stage

The Maginc Numbers' support act, The Webb Brothers

Romeo Stoddart of the Magic Numbers

Michelle Stoddart on bass

Angela Gannon

Thumbs up

Under a blue light

The Magic Numbers on stage

On stage in the Lower Common Room

The support singer joins in

Nosher does some sort of self portrait

Sophie on Vehicle A

The walnut tree

Sophie miaows into a fish-eye lens

Soph-bags is caught in mid-shake with fur flying

Sophie looks out

Down in Diss, the fishing pontoon is repaired

People look out onto the Mere

A family eat some hotdogs from Andy's van

Andy the sausage

An old lady seems fed up with it all

A seagull, caught in flight

Another sausage is consumed

A pigeon pecks at some discarded sausage

Playing on the bike rack

Watching people come-and-go on a bench

An over-exposed old lady on the move

Autumn leaves

Red berries

Winter Wheat pokes out

Soph-bags trundles into view

Green leaves show early signs of autumn