The Magic Numbers, Scenes of Diss and Andrew Leaves Qualcomm, Diss and Cambridge - 15th October 2005

It's the Magic Numbers at the UEA in Norwich, who demonstrate that they've come a long way in a few months since supporting Ed Harcourt at the Waterfront by playing a storming set from their current album "The Magic Numbers", which nearly blows the roof of the breezeblock bunker that is the UEA's LCR. Then there are more photographs of people doing their thing around the edge of the Mere, in Diss, plus a few photos featuring autumn colour in Nosher's back-garden. Finally, Andrew Clarke, account of Trigenix and Qualcomm Cambridge, heads off to pastures new

next album: Abandoned Stuff, Suffolk County Council Dereliction and Flamenco, Ipswich and Cotton, Suffolk - 22nd October 2005
previous album: A Trip Around Macclesfield and Sandbach, Cheshire - 10th September 2005

Matthew is fed up with being photographed, so flips the bird

The Maginc Numbers' support act, The Webb Brothers

Romeo Stoddart of the Magic Numbers

Michelle Stoddart

Thumbs up

Under a blue light

The support singer joins in

Sophie on Vehicle A

The walnut tree

Comedy Cat photo: Sophie miaows into a fish-eye lens

Caught in mid shake. You can just make out a few strands of fur being thrown off, to the left of the cat

Sophie looks out

Down in Diss, the fishing pontoon is repaired

A family eat some hotdogs from Andy the Sausage's van

Andy the sausage

An old lady seems fed up with it all

A seagull, caught in flight

Another sausage is consumed

Playing on the bike rack

Watching people come-and-go on a bench

Autumn leaves

Soph-bags trundles into view

A bowl of grapes from the garden

Andrew raises a glass

In the Q-Ton restaurant, or whatever it's called this week

Russell chats to Tim

Hani looks over

Andrew receives a gift from Tim

Present opening time

Francis looks a thousand miles away

Hani chats about something

Hani again

Nadine with sprog

Time gets a go

The office girls wander off

A Moticom mShop UI on a couple of flip phones

There's a double spoked rainbow over Matrix House

The double rainbow over the business park

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Matthew is fed up with being photographed, so flips the bird