The almost-completed Diss Publishing extension

The almost-completed Diss Publishing extension

Diss Publishing's new extension

The BBs tune up down at the youth club

Jo reads some lyrics from an internet printout

Rob and Henry

Max gives Nosher a look

Jo sings

Jo and Rob

Strange pylons on Cambridge Science Park

Sunset over Wetherden, Suffolk

Nick and Stef at Qualcomm Cambridge

Dave Berry gives Dave Read a send-off speech

Café society at Qualcomm Cambridge

Dave presents an envelope

Dave and Nosher play some tunes

Dave carries his trombone around

Dave with trombone

Dave Berry's impressed

Suey and Marc in Gislingham Village Hall

Some other in-theme guests

Ozzy Osborne

Wavy leans over

The scene 'on board' the ship

Some sort of 60s rock star

The naval crew

There's hanging around amongst the ratings

The ship's captain

Someone looks over

Someone from Strictly Come Dancing or something

Adam Ant

Marc reads some stuff

There's a load of singing

More singing on stage

The Beatles

Bill looks surprised

The whole village hall is singing