Outside the Balboa park museum store

Outside the Balboa park museum store

Village Place and El Prado

A couple of people watch an accordion player

A wide avenue

The accordion player

A dude on a cycle rickshaw gets a Tarot reading

A mobile food trailer

A fountain

Architectural detail

Cool and shady collonade

The botanical garden

Lilies on the pond

Cone action - it's just like the M25

The San Diego Museum of Art

A statue spouts water

Book-ends on a very long bench

A nice tiled roof

Three Old Glories in a line

A dude with a big sack of cans

A Picasso-ey Mirror-mosaic statue

Glass beads and mirror mosaic

A wedding occurs

An old Mexican guy sings version of 'Guantanamera'

Another photographer takes a break and surveys the world

Some dude reads a book

Small dog; strangely large mouth

A woman from Bournemouth plays the Spreckels Organ

The Spreckels Organ is 90 years old

Crowds under umbrellas

Nosher's American Eagle flight to LAX

A colourful Qantas 747 at LAX